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Our motto is to listen to our customers, understand and supply valuable services. This vision covers all business activities of Sao Nhanh, from the ways we interact with our customers, handle mail, documents and packages,... to staff's learning and working capability.

Sao Nhanh understand that mail, document express and freight play an important role in your business activities. With 5-year experiences, we can meet all of your shipping requirements. Through out many mailings that were optimmally connected and delivered on time, Sao Nhanh has never ceased striving to become a reputated express brand. Technique plays a key role in Express industry. We use the most modern system to help our customers thoroughly follow their shipments.

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Sao Nhanh owns an operating system of Air/ Ocean and Road freight forwarding throughout Vietnam and worldwide.



We use synchronous ERP, CRM, BI and PPS systems that helps us manage and track shipments in all routes.

Warehouse - Yards

Warehouse - Yards

Truck management with GPRS and a system of branches in the main roads. Time needed for a route is no more than 48 hours in Vietnam.


Man Power



We are partner of DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT. We ship worldwide fast and safely with the best rate policy.



Sao Nhanh has a crew of professional and active staffs who are always ready to help customers.

Customer service

Customer service

Sao Nhanh follow closely to your shipments to ensure on time and economic delivery which brings our customers the utmost satisfaction.



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