Customer's benefits, security and payment

Applicable to all Sao Nhanh's express services

The purposes

The payment system on is connected to the third party partners like Ngân Lượng, Vimo, Domestic and International banks. According to those, Sao Nhanh security standards of payment guarantees to follow the security standards of Ngân Lượng, Vimo (evaluated and authorized by the state bank of Vietnam to the security and licensed for official activities).

In addition, Sao Nhanh have our own security standards of private payment transactions which ensure the payment information of customers absolutely secure. The pricing policy is applied uniformly and lastingly.

Specific Regulation

1. The controlling policy and payments via domestic and international cards: Sao Nhanh conducts controlling and collecting COD for its customers on Tuesday and Friday by connecting with the 3rd party partners: Vimo and Ngân Lượng.

2. Sao Nhanh's customers may select the 3rd party partners to pay such as Ngân Lượng or Vimo so that Sao Nhanh can easily control collecting COD. Sao Nhanh ensures to follow the security standards of Vimo and Ngân Lượng, including:
– Standardization of data security on the Internet licensed by GlobalSign SSL.
– Confirmation of billing data security standards (PCI DSS) provided by Trustwave.
– Standardization of 128-bit MD5 encryption.
– The rules and regulations of information security in the banking and financial sectors stipulated by the State Bank of Vietnam.

3. Sao Nhanh's secure transaction policy in private payment applies to customers:
– The information of Customers' Bank cards will be saved on Sao Nhanh's system, only used for ShipChung to collect COD payment to the clients, or the payment of allowances, promotions, bonuses ...Sao Nhanh uses it for no other purposes.
– The Information of your bank account will be absolutely secure by Sao Nhanh, please do not provide us the unnecessary information.
– Customers have the option to use OTP for access and transactions.
– Sao Nhanh owns systematic security devices with the most modern standards: Sao Nhanh's infrastructure system for payment protected by policies, processes following ISO27001 security standards with security equipment, including: firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS), Antivirus, anti-attack (d-dos), and some other specialized equipment to encode data.

Sao Nhanh's Internal system between the modules uses encryptional methods exchanging keys: The application system exchanging internal datas is encrypted with the private key and public key assuring the security and integral data.

Personal Information Collection

Sao Nhanh collects various information when customers want to use transportation services via

Sao Nhanh collects, stores and processes the information of the customer (buyer, seller) for the transport process and for the following messages, including: title, name, sex, date of birth, email address, home address, shipping address, phone number, fax, billing details, card details or bank account details, types of service, commodity trading. Sao Nhanh will use the customer's information provided to process orders shipped.

Besides, Sao Nhanh will use that information to manage the client's account, verify & perform online transactions, audit data downloaded from the website; improve the layout and content of the wedsite and adjust to suit the user; identify their visitors, research demography, send information including information of products and services, if clients do not show signs of decline. If you do not want to receive any marketing information from us, you may refuse at any time.

Sao Nhanh will transfer the necessary information, such as name and address, phone number, items of customer business to the third partner (the carrier has signed cooperation contracts) for their delivery.

Online payments will be handled by the network dealer in domestic and foreign. You just give Sao Nhanh, the dealer or on the website accurate information, and please notify Sao Nhanh in case any changes may happen.

Customer's shipping items are stored on the system of Sao Nhanh. For security, Sao nhanh would not publicize directly customer's orders. Here, you will find details of your orders, Successfully Delivered Orders, Transfer Completed, or Cross-checked Orders ... and details of email, bank and newsletters that you get tracking in long term. Please commit personal data security and unauthorizedly disclose it to the third partner. Sao Nhanh will not take any responsibility for incorrect password using if it is not our fault.

Privacy Policy

Sao Nhanh has appropriate measures of techniques and security to prevent unauthorized and unlawful access, loss, destruction or damage to your information. When collecting data on the website, Sao Nhanh collects detailed personal information of customers on a secure server. Sao Nhanh uses firewall for the server. When collecting the details of electronic payment cards, Sao Nhanh uses the encryption of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When Sao Nhanh cannot guarantee 100% security, SSL makes it difficult for hackers who want to decrypt your information. You should not send the full details of your credit or debit cards without encryption for Sao Nhanh. We maintain physical and electronic protection measures linking with the collection, storage and disclosure of your information. Safe procedures means Sao Nhanh may sometimes require the proof before disclosing personal information to you.

Sao Nhanh advises you that you should not give details about the payments to anyone via e-mail. Sao Nhanh is not responsible for any loss and you may incur in the exchange of your information via Internet or email.

You completely do not use any program, tool or other means to interfere or change system data structures. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or cheer for any activity to interfere, ruin or entering the data of the website's system. All violations will be deprived of all the rights and shall be prosecuted under the law if necessary.

In case you detect personal information leaked or replaced, please contact us by phone: [08] 3840 4347 for assistance and protection of your rights. All information will be kept confidential in transactions, but in case law agencies require, Sao Nhanh will be forced to provide this information. The conditions, terms and content of the website is governed by the laws of Vietnam and Vietnam court has jurisdiction to review.