Introduction of Policies

Update on 06/01/2015

Regulations of compensation limits

limits of compensation responsibility

During shipping, Sao Nhanh always applies the limits of liability to pay damages. Hence, the high quality shipments before sending you should be added with insurance or paid for shipment fee in case of damage or loss, you will be appropriately compensated for the actual value of your shipment.

1. Time to settle complaints

- For domestic delivery, the maximum time to respond and settle complaints is up to 1 week and the deadline to pay damages is up to 30 days after making the agreement to determine the responsibility for compensation of damages among the partners.
- For international delivery, time to settle complaints is up to 2 weeks and the deadline for compensation is 30 days after the partners complete confirmation of liability to pay damages.

2. The principle of compensation for damages

- Sao Nhanh compensate for damages prescribed by the limit of liability commpensation of the company, but not lower than that by the regulations of the Ministry of Post and Telematics.
- Cash of compensation for damages will be paid in Vietnam Dong.
- Cash of compensation for damages will be paid to the sender. In case the information is in a document form, packages of damaged goods or partially lost and the recipient accepts our compensation then the cash of compensation for damages is paid to the recipient. The amount of compensation for damage shall be determined based on the actual damage. The damage is calculated at market prices of the package or equivalent alternatives at contract time. The compensation does not exceed the compensation standard in case of lost or totally damaged packages.
- Sao Nhanh does not compensate for indirect damages out of the contract or unobtained profits in case the of postal service does not meet the quality agreed by both sides

3. Responsibility for compensation

a. The responsibility for compensation
- When there is a case of damaged package, the direct compensation is calculated based on the supply contracts and the use of postal service between Sao Nhanh and customers.
- In case of lost good, damaged or totally converted the compensation shall be calculated according to the postal law of Vietnam, such as:
+ For domestic postal services: 04 times of used service charges (including refund charges already used).
+ For international air postal services: 09 SDR/kg (calculated per 500gr by weight level, the odd is equal 500 grams) but not less than 30 SDR/mail with the refund of service fees used.
+ For other international services: 09 SDR/kg (calculated per 500gr, the decimal is calculate as 500 grams) with the refund of service fees used.
- In case the travel time was not met and the customer has proof to back that up, we will refund the charges of using the service to the customers.
- We do not compensate if:
+ Postal services have no documents confirming the acceptance of mails or customers have no documents proving the use of the service.
+ The package is delivered as agreed in the contract and the customer has no objection upon receiving the package.
+ Damaged or lost due to the fault of the service user or the nature of the information formed as text, package or goods.
+ Confiscated or destroyed under the law.
+ Confiscated under the laws of the given country and the country has notified in documents (for international delivery).
+ Irresistible circumstances prescribed by law.

b. Responsibility for compensation from the user of delivery services
- Service users must be responsible to compensate on the damage caused to the partner for sending the publications, articles and prohibited goods under the postal law of Vietnam and the received country.
- Liability for compensation of service users does not exceed the limit of Liability for damages of the company supplying the delivery services in similar cases.

How are goods packaged?

Packing Guide

When shipping goods, the standard packaging is very important. The secure packaging will help goods shipped faster, safer and more accurate.
- For ordinary goods like clothings: You need them packaged in plastic bags squarely and affixed carefully
- For goods such as home appliances, footwear: Customers need to put them in carton boxes and affix carefully.
- For high-value goods, electronics: You need to put them in carton boxes or manufacturer's box, packed in plastic bags and seal them off with the sticky tape carefully.
- For the fragile goods such as plastics, glassware,..: Customers need to put them in carton boxes, secured with foam and mattress so that the goods are fixated, avoid collisions, and indicate on the package: FRAGILE - PLEASE HAND WITH CARE.

For all goods shipped via Sao Nhanh, customers need to paste or write Sao Nhanh code for convenient tracking.

Terms of complaints and compensation

Regulation of Time

The objects of the complaints

1. The service users, including:: a. Organizations and individuals named in the sender address while the recipient named on the mails or sending tickets.
b. Organizations and individuals contracted with the Post Office and Telecommunications of Vietnam.
2. The legal representatives of service users, including:
a. Legal representative:
- Parents of children.
- The guardian of the minors
- The head of the organization with the right to represent the organization in legal matters
- The person appointed by the law to represent handicapped people.
- Others assigned by the law.
b. Authorized representative:
Organizations, individuals and legal representatives may authorize other persons to make complaints.
The authorization will comply with the provisions of the law.
3. Consumer right organization is authorized by service users.

Status of limitations for complaints

1. Six (06) months from the deadline of the postal process for missing package complaint or package late arrival; in case the time of service has not been announced, this status will be calculated from the date of postal items accepted.
2. One (01) monthOne (01) month from the mail delivery date for complaints about postal articles damaged, postage rates and other issues related directly to the postal items.

The time limit for settling complaints

1. The maximum duration of the settling complaints for domestic service is two (02) months from the date the complaint was received.
2. The maximum duration of the settling complaints for international services is three (03) months from the date the complaint was received.

Principles of compensation

1. The compensation for damaged, lost or swapped package is determined by the limits of liability to entirely compensate for the service the customer uses.
2. The compensation in the case of lost, damaged or partly swapped package is determined based on actual damages, but not higher than the limit of liability to compensate for all damages to the service that the customer uses, except that there is another agreement between the Post Office of Vietnam and the customer.
3. The limit of liability for compensation The Post and Telecommunications of Vietnam issued is based on the level of compensation granted by the regulations of the authorized state.
4. The indemnity will be paid in Vietnam Dong, and the payment is done in one time if there is another agreement between the Vietnam Post Office and the customer.
5. The indemnity is paid to the sender, unless there is another agreement, in case damaged or partly lost package: if the recipient agrees to accept the remain of the package then the compensation will be paid to the recipient.
6. The compensation for direct damages is done based on service contract. No compensation for indirect damages out of the contract or unobtained benefits due to the provided postal services does not meet the quality the two sides agreed.