International Critical Freight

offers worldwide express services

Air Frieght:

Sao Nhanh keeps on investing in infrastructure (warehouses and transport), developing human resource, improving this service as much as possible in order to complete focused service chain with international standards to better meet customer's requirements. Since 2011 this service segment has been seperated int Sao Nhanh brand. With thorough IT applications and warehousing systems over 1,000 m2, the new container fleets, light trucks and all kinds of forklift make the basis of the effective service ...

Logistics services for export - import
Ready access to the power of distribution service network. Let Sao Nhanh's distribution solutions solve your problems in distribution. Fulfill freight forwarding collectively to the warehouse, storage, sorting and organizing transport, unloading and delivery to locations requested, collection for shippers ... through the qualified storage system and incorporate common IT platform with a network of distribution centers upon the request of the multinational corporations.

- Minimize your investment
- Bring products closer to your customers
- Enhance the diverse features of Carriers
- Ensure the rapid implementation of your distribution solution.

General warehouse/ Bonded Store Service - Tally service
- Tally goods packed in containers - Ship the same possessed package in one container at the port warehouse.

As a strategic partner of many insurance corporations like AIG, Bao Viet, Vien Dong ... We now not only offer you freight forwarding services but Insurance Services for goods with competitive premiums. Sao Nhanh will introduce and offer you the appropriate scale of Cargo Insurance to minimize the losses, risks in commercial cargo:

- Coverage is from basic to extended to all kinds of goods, transport journeys and different modes of transport
- You can choose consignment contracts or open contracts for regular shipments
- Competitive premiums on the market
- Simple and quick process

Sao Nhanh also offers solutions for special handling required by you for the shipment of high-value or risky goods group

Specialized solutions: Sao Nhanh works with customers not only for commercial but also to meet the needs of professional forwarding.

The general solutions: Sao Nhanh offers you professional goods collection services, professional storage system and extensive distribution, with the domestic transfer station, after-sales service and much more.

The specific solutions: We have extensive experience in most of the industries and bring more flexible solutions for individual areas such as electronics - telecommunications, automatics, industry, the textile-garments, Fashion ...