Other services

Overall Assistance with Special Requirements

Household goods Shipping

Experts, foreign diplomats working in Vietnam with the need to ship personal luggage back to your country or a third country, please contact Sao Nhanh Express and we will not disappoint you. We know each client's belongings are the memories customers want to keep as treasures in life.

The respect of customer's memories will be expressed by our packaging. Sao Nhanh ensures the delivery and customs clearance go quickly, shipping from around the world to Vietnam as well as from Vietnam to other countries around the world.

• Free surveying.
• Packing and crating consultancy.
• Packing & transportation planning.
• Packing & crating.
• Documentation.
• Warehousing and trucking
• Customs clearance
• Air and sea freight
• Insurance

Pet Shipping

To keep your pets during long trips, you often choose air shipping. Although the cost is quite higher than that of other means of shipping but safer, faster and secure your pet's health.

• Professional pet shipping abroad
• Consult procedures for all-kind pet immigration
• Use IATA standardized cages

We always advise you to choose the airplane cabin designed for the pets qualified for carrier. This cabin contains oxygen and light enough to ensure pet's health during shipping.